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Quality miniature M8 anti-backlash delrin nut

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8mm delrin nut by
Miniature M8 anti-backlash delrin nut


Hole pitch


A miniature version of our M8 anti-backlash delrin nut with a small 32 mm x 23 mm footprint, designed for compact CNC machines and applications requiring linear movements, where space is confined.

Designed specifically for the CNC hobbyist in mind, this provides a low cost solution for linear motion when coupled with an M8 screw thread and stepper motor.

This particular item comprises of a delrin anti-backlash nut block with a standard M8 1.25 mm pitch.

This pitch is ideal for small hobby CNC machines, where large speeds are not required, as the fine pitch provides good precision whilst requiring minimal force from a stepper motor, and thus is suitable for direct drive with small stepper motors. Due to the high resolution(0.00625 mm per full step on a standard 1.8 degree motor) vibration is negligable and a simple drive can be used without micro-stepping, thus further reducing cost.

The anti-backlash delrin nut is manufactured from grade A delrin (acetal-homopolymer B) supplied from a reputable European manufacturer. This material is extremely hard wearing, and normally does not require lubrication. A pre-set screw adjustment removes any backlash, and due to its mechanical properties there is minimum friction and wear.

For best performance the screw thread should be polished stainless steel, in order to minimize friction and wear.

The form of the nut is as a rectangular block with 2 mounting holes, and as such can be directly attached to the moving base, without need for brackets or additional items.

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