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Q-Module 495/395/195 mm XYZ integrated linear lead-screw assembly

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qmodule 200mm linear lead-screw system by
Q-Module 495/395/195 mm XYZ integrated linear lead-screw assembly



XYZ Lengths
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Overall lengths
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Hole pitch
A complete XYZ linear guide and lead screw system comprising of 4 Q-module linear assemblies of lengths 2x495 / 495 / 395 / 195 mm.

This integrated linear lead-screw assembly, provides a fast and convenient solution for linear motion, requiring only a motor and coupler to operate. Thus a 3 axis 3d printer, laser or CNC machine can easily be constructed rapidly without problems of critical alignments, normally necessary with other systems. This linear system is supplied fully assembled.

By using an ingenious single integrated block which combines the slide block with an anti-backlash nut, a very cost effective solution for linear motion can be produced. The combination of aluminium with delrin provides an excellent combination offering smooth movement, low wear and play, without the need for any lubrication. Due to the reduced weight of aluminium generally smaller stepper motors are necessary and construction is greatly simplified. The Block has 4 M5 threaded holes for attaching to, and is manufactured from grade A delrin (Acetal) supplied from a reputable European manufacturer.

Pre-set adjustment is provided to eliminate any backlash in the nut. Additionally there are separate adjustments for the linear slide bearing, again eliminating any play. Thus even under prolonged use, the block can be re-adjusted for optimum performance, although re-adjustment would normally rarely be required. The linear slide bearing adjustments can also be used to provide additional mechanical damping, which can be very useful for stepper motors prone to resonances.

The precision extruded aluminium V-slot extrusion has a solid rectangular section 20 x 20 mm and screws can be attached to the V slots for mounting. Alternatively the system can be mounted using the holes on the end bearings. Also, if required, there is available separately in our product range a motor plate for size 17 stepper motor.

The lead-screw is 6mm diameter with an M6 1mm pitch thread. This pitch is ideal for small hobby CNC machines, where large speeds are not required, as the fine pitch provides good precision whilst requiring minimal force from a stepper motor, and thus is suitable for direct drive with small stepper motors. Due to the high resolution (0.005 mm per full step on a standard 1.8 degree motor) vibration is negilgible and a simple drive can be used without micro-stepping, thus further reducing cost. A knob at one end also provides manual adjustment, useful for fine positioning, although this can be removed, if it is not required

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