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Lightweight 400 mm linear guide & slide carriage for 3d printers - 3 piece set

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Lightweight extruded aluminium 400 mm linear guide & slide carriage for 3d printers, lasers Etc



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This lightweight aluminium rail and carriage have been specially designed for 3d printers and lasers to provide a very cost effective solution for providing a linear guide system for 3D printers and lasers. This linear rail and carriage can be combined with our stainless steel lead screws and anti-backlash nuts for a complete mechanical CNC system. The combination of aluminium with delrin provides an excellent combination offering smooth movement, low wear and play, without the need for any lubrication.

The extruded aluminium rail has a solid rectangular section and is finshed in an anodised finish to provide extra hardness on the surface, thus providing a  long last performance.  Due to the reduced weight of aluminium generally smaller stepper motors are neccessary and construction is greatly simplified. The rail is usually unsupported for length up to 400 mm, but can be easily drilled to provide additional support on longer lengths, as the carriage is an open back design. The rail is supplied in various pre-cut length to suit various requirements.

The delrin carriage has a 4 hole fixing which is tapped with M5 screw thread. The carriage has full pre-set adjustments for horizontal and vertical, and thus even under prolonged use, can be re-adjusted for optimum performance, although re-adjustment would normally rarely be required. The adjustments can also be used to provide additional mechanical damping, which can be very useful for stepper motors prone to resonances. The carriage is manufactured from grade A delrin (Acetal) supplied from a reputable European manufacturer.

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